4-Day Havana Itinerary


4-Day Havana Itinerary


Your personalized Havana guide has arrived. Four days of completely customized experiences based on your interests. Stop planning. All you have to do is show up!

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PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing one itinerary can be applied to a group of up to four people. Additional people (up to two more max) are $50 each.  

This NON-REFUNDABLE digital itinerary includes:

- Detailed, educational excursions for four days

- Restaurant reservations based on our favorites and your dietary needs

- Havana gems you won't find in any guidebooks

- Please note that all U.S. travelers to Cuba must fall into 1 of 12 categories in order to visit. CrushGlobal is not legally responsible for your visit to Cuba within these guidelines or Visa process.