Black sand beaches, dinner served by robots or candlelight in the middle of the Sahara desert.
A private salsa lesson followed by $2 dollar mojitos. All of this can be yours with an exclusive CrushGlobal guide.


You’ll never experience more themed cafes, colorful street corners, endless nightlife, or peaceful garden escapes than you will in Tokyo. You could spend a year here and still not get to it all, which is why it’s so important to have a solid plan. This 4-day guide will help you get the most out of this unforgettable city!


Travel back in time to a land of pink cadillacs, AfroCubano culture, and the sound of salsa music echoing through the streets. Our 100% custom-designed 4-day guides are curated so that you can make the most of this incredible and culturally rich city.


Finally, a guide that speaks our language. The best street food, temples, beaches, beyond what you find online. Oh, and ten dollar massages. Get the most valuable guide on one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia.


This is the Caribbean island that you’ve been dreaming of: without the cruise ships, high rise hotels and tourist traps. Snorkel through colorful coral and underwater museums, journey into lush jungles, and enjoy some of the world’s most incredible sunsets. Or explore open air food markets, walk black sand beaches, and taste local spices and rum. It’s all waiting for you in magical Grenada!


Your desert and city oasis awaits. Camel rides at sunset, handmade crafts to bring back home and bellydancing shows. Your Instagram feed will be blown away by the dazzling nightlife, winding medinas, and incredible shopping experiences you can only find here.


Safaris, city, and culture ... South Africa has it all. But where does the first time visitor even begin? This free, easy to read checklist will be heading straight to your inbox, so that you can get one step closer to your dream trip, from what city to call homebase, to how to properly budget.


Yes, California knows how to party, but it also knows how to slow down and zen out. This guide will give you the keys to Los Angeles, beyond just Hollywood, from rooftop bars and old school skating rinks, to Korean spas that silence the rest of the world in blissful pools and saunas. Experience a side of Los Angeles like a true local.


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