You start the day with the sound of the ocean and end it with the city lights below. A bookstore that celebrates diversity, a sushi institution with a chef from Japan, and an outdoor concert where soulful, live performances and bottomless champagne are the norm.

This is Los Angeles, where Hollywood hotspots, 24-hour taco trucks and miles of beaches attract visitors each year. 


  • A 3-day travel itinerary listed into activities for morning, afternoon and evening

  • One day excursion suggestions right outside of the city

  • Fully vetted accommodation suggestions for every type of budget

  • Valuable information about customs, currency, the language, and what to pack

  • Activities and tours you won’t find online, including community service opportunities in Los Angeles

  • Incredible shopping options

  • Local food destinations that don’t have websites

  • The city’s best nightlife

Sample Gems In This Guide Include:

  • An old school skate night with your favorite childhood jams

  • A neighborhood taco truck that will leave you speechless

  • A sangria soul Sunday experience, including live music

  • A locally owned cafe to people watch, vibe out and get some work done

  • A Hollywood rooftop happy hour with views of the entire city

  • A secret beach retreat, with hidden coves and an incredible sunset


Los Angeles is often misunderstood because of its Hollywood image, but there’s so much more to this city.  A strong immigrant community, miles of coastline and growing arts scene give this expansive city its own voice, one that leaves visitors with ample opportunity to explore.

3 Day Personalized Los Angeles Guide
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