You’re enjoying a full spread of breakfast in a luxurious riad (private home) that is detailed with everything from lanterns and plush pillows, to a streaming waterfall filled with roses right outside your window. In the afternoon a visit to century old mosques, outdoor cafes and shopping that will leave your suitcase full of shoes and fashion that even Carrie Bradshaw would envy.

This is Marrakech: a city where every sense is heightened as soon as you step outside.


  • A 3-day travel itinerary listed into activities for morning, afternoon and evening

  • One day excursion suggestions right outside of the city

  • Fully vetted accommodation suggestions for every type of budget, including our most trusted and knowledgeable driver in Marrakech (he speaks four languages)

  • Valuable information about customs, currency, the language, and what to pack

  • Activities and tours you won’t find online, including community service opportunities in Morocco

  • Incredible shopping options, from high-end boutiques to medina stalls

  • Local food destinations that don’t have websites

  • The city’s best nightlife

Sample Gems In This Guide Include:

  • A variety of the best and most luxurious Moroccan hammams (spas) to choose from, for every budget

  • A nearby adventure where you can enjoy everything from an afternoon picnic, jetskiing, to horseback riding

  • A hidden arts community away from the bustle of the medina, with changing exhibitions on everything from Berber tattoos to photography.

  • A cafe where you can enjoy traditional Moroccan food on a sexy rooftop overlooking the city

  • A full day of Marrakech’s best palaces and mosques


Marrakech is a city full of adventure, where afternoon shopping for priceless antiques in winding medinas leads to late night belly dancing shows. If you love vibrant colors, architecture, the sounds of a city, and educational and cultural exchanges, don’t wait to visit this incredible North African city.

Magic in Marrakech: 3 Day Guide
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