You’re ordering the most flavorful and affordable bowl of ramen from a machine, then enjoying it in your own private booth so that you can slurp your noodles in peace. Or maybe you’d prefer sushi fresh from that morning’s catch, delivered to you by way of a conveyor belt and bright lights. A garden full of streaming rivers and zen temples is your afternoon retreat, right before your evening turnup at a reggae party that doesn’t end until 6:00 in the morning.

This is Tokyo: a city that offers literally every type of food and activity for every kind of traveler. A city that is wild yet peaceful, incredibly clean and fascinating.


  • 4-days of fully planned activities, excursions, and dining options

  • Fully vetted accommodation suggestions for every type of budget

  • Valuable information about customs, currency, the language, and what to pack

  • Activities and tours you won’t find online

  • Incredible shopping options and spas

  • Local food destinations that don’t have websites

  • The city’s best nightlife, including hidden jazz and R&B clubs to lounge

  • Contact information for all tours and excursions so you don’t have to research

Sample Gems In This Guide Include:

  • A hotel with one of Tokyo’s only rooftop natural hot-springs where you can take a soak while gazing at the stars

  • A private cooking lesson where you can learn traditional Japanese (washoku) dishes like sushi, okonomiyaki, and tempura

  • A museum featuring a private collection of Japanese and East Asian traditional art with its own garden to relax

  • A soul food restaurant opened by an African American couple that even features gospel night


With airfare to Tokyo so low (oftentimes under $700 roundtrip from major cities like Los Angeles and New York), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning now. This ready-to-use travel guide can be used whenever you’re set on traveling: a month from now or even next week. It has been created for the traveler who wants to delve into every aspect of the city, or just pick and choose what to explore -- with every kind of budget in mind.

4-Day Tokyo Guide
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"Thanks to CrushGlobal, my experience in Japan was nothing short of amazing. This curated guide allowed me to actively and leisurely explore the city of Tokyo. The greatest take away was the cultural experience and being immersed in a place that made me feel immense peace. It was also helpful that some FAQ’s about Japan were included such as greetings and dialogue to learn beforehand. Cultural norms were described in helpful detail that will allow you to prepare yourself for the experience. Don’t second guess your decision to invest in a guide, or a few, as you are sure to make connections and have a wonderful experience that will serve to expand your perspective on worldwide travel and positively impact you for the rest of your life."

- Sydney


"My boyfriend and I couldn't have been happier with this easy to use guide. The guide was the perfect tool when organizing a trip between a person who  is extremely structured and one that just wants to go with the flow. I also like that most of the day to day activities were in neighborhoods close to each other which made the traveling easier and made for more effective use of our time."

- Yarmina

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