You’re walking along the sand to get a ten dollar massage. After your rub down, a grilled lobster and pad thai is only right. The next day, you’re on the back of a local taxi (tuk tuk) breezing past ancient temples and food stands before a rooftop dinner and performance.

This is Thailand, where affordable adventures never end, for any kind of budget.  


  • Fully planned 3-day itineraries to Phuket and Bangkok

  • Fully vetted accommodation suggestions for every type of budget

  • Valuable information about customs, currency, the language, and what to pack

  • Activities and tours you won’t find online

  • Local food destinations that don’t have websites

  • Local favorite hot spots, including bars that tower above the city and stunning cafes

  • Contact information for all tours and excursions so you don’t have to research

  • Transportation information to save you hours in gridlocked traffic

Sample Gems In This Guide Include:

  • A sleek, clean hostel that offers free breakfast and a chance to meet other travelers for only $15 a night

  • A hands on cooking experience where you’ll learn to make Thai curries from scratch

  • A rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city and Peruvian tapas

  • A nighttime food adventure through all of the local and delicious markets of Bangkok


Thailand is one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia, and most tourist friendly. This guide will help you take advantage of managing a large city like Bangkok, with practical tips like budgeting, where to stay, and what foods you shouldn’t miss.

City Escape: 3 Days in Bangkok
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Island Magic: 3 Days in Phuket
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