You’re sitting oceanside, eating fresh crab inspired by a local recipe. Your second rum punch is the perfect accompaniment to the black sand beach surrounding you. And that’s the most perfect part, that the ocean is the only thing surrounding you, like you have the island all to yourself.

This is Grenada, the Caribbean island you never knew you needed: without the tourists, overcrowded beaches, and lackluster hotel food.  


  • A fully designed 3-day Grenada itinerary for you to pick and choose from

  • Thoroughly vetted accommodation suggestions for every type of budget

  • Valuable information about customs, currency, the language, and what to pack

  • Activities and tours you won’t find online, including access to our favorite driver on the island

  • Local food destinations that don’t have websites (the most exclusive locations never do)

  • The island’s best nightlife

  • Contact information for all tours and excursions so you don’t have to research

Sample Gems In This Guide Include:

  • A visit to a 200 hundred year old rum distillery with a private tasting

  • Local “crabback” from the island’s best restaurant

  • An underwater snorkeling adventure that ends with rum punch as your reward

  • A local market with every hot sauce and pepper you can think of to take back home and cook with


Grenada is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. It’s likely that you don’t know many people who have been there, and that’s part of it’s magic when you arrive. Stunning beaches, waterfalls, food and nonstop music await you on “Spice Isle.” With winter just around the corner, why wait?

3 Day Grenada Guide
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“When you have insight into a place from someone who takes as much pride in people and the places they come from as CrushGlobal, it makes for a trip that's unlike any other. One where you'll find things you wouldn't have found, taste things you might not have tried and feel things you may not have felt. Thank you, CrushGlobal, for bringing what you bring to travel and my Grenada adventure!" - Tara D.

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