After receiving 1,000+ inquiries from our previous Havana trip, 
Crush Global is proud to release the next installment of travel itineraries to Havana.


A detailed FOUR day guide in Havana that provides all the keys to make your trip unforgettable for you and your group.

Full immersion into local art and history, restaurant reservations, and a guided driving tour through the city.

Guidance on your accommodation search in Havana.

A guided list to navigating Havana that has been vetted by CrushGlobal and travelers like you.

A “Know Before You Go” list of your most frequently asked questions answered, including, how to get a visa, the best currency exchange methods, easy WIFI access, and navigating Havana as a first-time traveler.

Your itinerary will also reflect any current events or festivals happening in Havana at the time you travel.




One itinerary per group of up to four people max, additional guests are $50 each.

Last round, we sold out in less than a week. Don't miss out this time!

The itinerary you receive is based on a budget of between $500 - $1000 per person, including accommodations.

**Please note that this budget projection is dependent on your accommodation choice and does not include airfare.

Itinerary is available for any travel to Havana between 12/17 and 6/18.


The Adventurer
You don’t need to be guided the entire time, but want the stress of planning alleviated. You live for adventure, connecting with people, and the true pulse of a place.

The Budget Conscious
You are looking for a reasonably priced Havana getaway with your travel needs in mind.


Local Experience Seeker
You crave a Havana experience that includes local culture, history, food and art beyond the obvious attractions.

Friends & Couple Bonding
You want a trip with your friends or partner based on your own scheduling needs and without being funneled into a group with strangers.

WHY CrushGlobal?

We work directly with local Cubans in Havana to ensure that we are creating the most enriching, authentic experiences on the ground for both you and local businesses. Forget TripAdvisor, overpriced group trips, outdated guide books or hours of online research. Your itinerary will reflect our commitment to deepening your experience. This is the power of travel.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a unique offer to receive a curated list that will alleviate your planning and the most frequently asked questions about Havana. Under U.S. law, individuals and groups must still comply with regulations for travel to Cuba. Learn more HERE.