Wanderlusting Through Art: Images That Inspire Travel

Visions of travel. What do they mean to you? A photograph or moving image can spark just as much inspiration and thought as visiting a distant land. And when you get to experience both? It's just icing on the visceral cake. CrushGlobal chatted with Naima J. Keith, Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Programs at the California African American Museum, about some of her favorite pieces of art that evoke a desire to travel. "I love art because there is no right answer. We can all look at the same thing and walk away “learning” something different."

Keith always tries to include a trip to a museum, art center or gallery wherever she travels, because she believes art spaces are great places to see, touch, and experience interesting things, many times with locals. "I am constantly blown away by how artists can visually represent some of the most complex thoughts, ideas and feelings."

Here are just some of her picks for the wanderlusting art lover:




Artist: Xaveria Simmons

Work: Composition One For Score, 2010

Images: http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/30747-xaviera-simmons

Where I want to travel: The desert


Artist: Isaac Julien

Work: True North

Images: http://www.isaacjulien.com/installations/truenorth


Where I want to travel: North Pole

Artist: Akosua Adoma Owusu

Work: Kwaku Ananse

Images: http://akosuaadoma.com/artwork/3882407-Kwaku-Ananse.html

Where I want to travel: Ghana

Artist: Carrie Mae Weems

The Museum Series, 2006

Images: http://www.studiomuseum.org/exhibition/carrie-mae-weems-the-museum-series

Where I want to travel: Everywhere!!